Feb 15, 2016

Error Showcase: Off Center Mirror Brockage Jefferson Nickel

The Jefferson Nickel shown below survived multiple manufacturing errors and lived to tell about it.  A planchet immediately ahead of this one adhered to the reverse die stationary anvil after striking.  Oops!  Now the reverse die was capped with a struck coin and the freshly struck obverse of that coin was about to become a short life tool surface that would strike the reverse side of incoming planchets.  The coin pictured below was probably the next planchet in line.  To make matters worse for the producer and better for collectors, that planchet wasn't retained by its collar in alignment with die centerlines.  Mix these ingredients with one 50-ton strike and you get the coin pictured below.  Read more about this special piece at: eBay item 311547447897

  photo credit: eBay ctf_error_coins