Sep 3, 2015

Error Showcase: 1998 Lincoln Cent Struck on a 1997 Roosevelt Dime

Today's subject is a double denomination error that answers the question - what do you get when you feed an already struck dime into a one cent coin press?  Eleven cents, of course!  The example shown below is outstanding for several reasons.  Two different dates are visible.  Lincoln and Roosevelt's profiles are well struck, aligned and superimposed.  The condition is a strong NGC MS 67.  See more photos and the full description at: eBay item 251927445141

photo credit: ebay sullivannumismatics

Sep 2, 2015

Error Showcase: Lincoln Cent Struck on a Nail

One step beyond a wrong planchet error is the non-planchet error which occurs when a foreign object is struck in a coin press.  In the example shown below, PCGS identified the object as a nail.  The head and edge thread evidence suggest a bolt which is a more common fastener in the machine intensive Mint environment but that point is trivial in light of the sensational appearance of this error.  See more photos and the full description at:  eBay item 291482789807

photo credit: ebay sullivannumismatics

Sep 1, 2015

Error Showcase: 1981 Lincoln Cent Die Cap on Jefferson Nickel Planchet

Off metal errors happen when a planchet for one denomination is accidentally fed into the coin press setup to strike a different denomination.  For example, a Roosevelt dime planchet may be fed into a Lincoln cent press, resulting in a collectible wrong planchet error.  In almost every case the wrong planchet has a smaller diameter than the appropriate planchet.  Equipment configuration and/or process steps seem to prevent oversized planchets from being fed and struck.  The subject of this showcase is interesting because it is evidence of an oversized wrong planchet error - a PCGS certified Lincoln cent struck on a Jefferson nickel planchet.  See more photos and the full description at: eBay item 251377244021

photo credit: ebay drbberger