Sep 1, 2015

Error Showcase: 1981 Lincoln Cent Die Cap on Jefferson Nickel Planchet

Off metal errors happen when a planchet for one denomination is accidentally fed into the coin press setup to strike a different denomination.  For example, a Roosevelt dime planchet may be fed into a Lincoln cent press, resulting in a collectible wrong planchet error.  In almost every case the wrong planchet has a smaller diameter than the appropriate planchet.  Equipment configuration and/or process steps seem to prevent oversized planchets from being fed and struck.  The subject of this showcase is interesting because it is evidence of an oversized wrong planchet error - a PCGS certified Lincoln cent struck on a Jefferson nickel planchet.  See more photos and the full description at: eBay item 251377244021

photo credit: ebay drbberger

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