Oct 16, 2016

Error Showcase: 2007-D Lincoln Cent Struck 15% Off Center

The United States Mint output of error coins shrunk dramatically after the year 2001.  How and why they tightened quality control is not the subject of this post.  Instead, sit back and admire a rare piece that slipped through a crack in the Mint system five years after the improvements were established.  By 2007, Lincoln cent error collectors were ready to admit that the days of new major strike errors were gone.  The best they could hope for were slight out of collar strikes, maybe 3% off center on a good day.  Imagine the smiles upon hearing rumors that the Denver Mint was up to their old tricks again.  Word had it that some off center strikes exceeding 10% were in the wild.  Sure enough it was true and the PCGS certified MS63RD example shown below is evidence.  Read more at: eBay item 332002188667      

photo credit: eBay numisgieta

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