Feb 10, 2017

Error Showcase: Lincoln Memorial Cent explosive full brockage mint strike error

Here we have a post-1980 copper plated zinc core Lincoln Memorial cent that had a bad day at the office.  Something went horribly wrong as this particular planchet advanced towards the striking press.  A planchet ahead of this one was struck but instead of ejecting it stuck to the obverse die, effectively 'capping' the die.  Subsequent blank planchets were struck by the capped die until the cap disintegrated or was removed.  The temporary run of malformed pieces are known as brockage errors.  The coin pictured below experienced not only a brockage strike but also a retaining collar failure that allowed dramatic radial deformation and copper plating separation from zinc core.  Also, using the v-shaped rim fractures as a clocking reference you can see one more twist - the obverse die cap rotated 90-degrees relative to the opposing reverse die.  See this eBay item 162391434741.

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